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3D engineered modeling in highway construction provides numerous benefits to owners, engineers, contractors, and the general public, including:

  • Optimization of construction materials and schedule
  • Streamlining of data to downstream users
  • Shortening field to finish time
  • Improving quality
  • Improving safety on the construction site

To increase usage and understanding of 3D engineered models in highway construction, Snyder & Associates partnered with the Iowa Department of Transportation on the creation of the 3D Engineered Models for Highway Construction: The Iowa Experience manual. The manual describes how Iowa uses 3D engineered models, from planning and surveying through design and construction.

In addition, we also partnered with the Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University and the Federal Highway Administration to develop a 3D Engineered Models for Highway Construction Web-based training program. The highly engaging training program includes four 120-minute modules. View more details about the training program and registration information.

  • Module 1:  Introduction to 3D Engineered Models for Highway Transportation
  • Module 2:  Surveying and 3D Engineered Models
  • Module 3:  3D Engineered Models in Highway Design
  • Module 4:  Applications of 3D Engineered Models in Highway Construction and Quality Assurance

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