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Things We Love Thursday – Author Heather Matson

I’m excited to share a new post recognizing a forward-thinking Ankeny company — Snyder & Associates, Inc!

My interest in writing about Snyder & Associates goes well beyond what they do as a company, although that would be enough in itself.  My excitement for drawing attention to them is because of their commitment to civic engagement and community development.

I was fortunate to meet Dave Moeller, the president of the company, at the Ankeny Chamber’s “Pints & Policies” legislative forum at Firetrucker Brewery.  He was then gracious enough to spend over an hour with me to share more about the company.

Snyder & Associates, Inc was established in 1977 by Dennis Snyder and Steve Rowe.  They started their civil engineering and planning support company in a barn in Oskaloosa.  Since their first major client was the City of Polk City, they decided to be more centrally located to the metro in Ankeny.  Less than 40 years later, they are licensed in 15 states with offices in 10 cities, including the Ankeny headquarters, and have over 200 employees.   Over the years they have added services that their clients needed, such as water treatment infrastructure, transportation planning and development, and survey and landscape architecture.  Their subsidiary, Shuck-Britson, Inc. provides structural engineering and vertical infrastructure services.

Readers of this blog – and those who follow my campaign – know that I focus a great deal of attention on services that support the public good and bring us together as members of a community.  What really struck me in my conversation with Dave is that with both their public agency and private developer clients, the focus is always on putting the public first.  They truly care about the health and well-being of the communities they serve and they are forward-thinking in their vision.  This is evident in their efforts to improve water quality, create safe and environmentally-friendly transportation plans, provide sustainable and energy-efficient designs, and support renewable energy.

What I really loved was when Dave said they “get” to do projects that help make lives better, not because they “have” to, but because it is what they are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do.

I started this blog by saying I love the company’s commitment to civic engagement in the community.  They sponsor the Ankeny Chamber’s legislative forums because they recognize the connection of what happens in the state legislature to both the business community AND to our everyday lives.  They also sponsor the League of Cities “If I Were Mayor” essay contest, which provides 7th graders with the chance to reflect upon the job of the mayor and a chance to win college scholarships.

Anything that helps draw attention and a greater understanding of how state and local government operates to our citizens, and especially students, is top-notch in my book!

I asked Dave what he most wanted readers to know about Snyder & Associates, and he said the depth of care that goes into all of their work and the breadth of services they provide.

They are very collaborative in nature and they are driven to grow and challenge themselves.  Leadership believes strongly in providing opportunities for staff to grow professionally and to be a dynamic firm that matches the people they have.

For all of these reasons, I’m honored to write about Snyder & Associates as a company I love this Thursday!

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