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The Iowa Chapter of the American Planning Association recently awarded the 2016 Transportation Planning Award to Snyder & Associates in recognition of their work on the Knoxville Bicycle & Trail Master Plan. The award is given for transportation planning excellence as it relates to planning and innovation, compatibility, engagement, and effectiveness and results.

The project was prompted by a 2005 plan for a trail along Competine Creek on the south side of Knoxville. The first phase of the trail was completed, but the remaining six phases were not. The project had been in the works for over a decade, and Snyder & Associates was contacted to get the plan back on track. With no existing on-street bicycle routes and support from a 2014 Community Survey indicating the desire for a more comprehensive trail system, Snyder & Associates moved forward with development of an overall Bicycle and Trail Master Plan.

“One of the reasons the Competine Creek Trail plan had stalled was due to the challenge posed by crossing State Highway 14,” explains Mindy Moore, Project Manager, with Snyder & Associates. “With the Iowa DOT considering a four to three-lane conversion on that roadway, we were able to propose improvements including a marked crosswalk with a pedestrian refuge in the center lane for trail users. In addition, the use of rectangular rapid flash beacons makes motorists aware of people crossing the roadway to increase safety for all involved.”

At the heart of the plan is a 20-year vision for a fully-developed bicycle network throughout the city with connections to local and regional destinations.

The planning team from Snyder & Associates guided the project through public and city staff engagement, assessed existing conditions, and identified future trail connections. A citizen survey, which yielded over 350 responses, in conjunction with feedback from an Internal Review Team, public meetings, and an inventory of existing conditions provided significant information used to define goals and develop the plan.

“The city staff and residents of Knoxville were awesome to work with. They really embraced the plan and were eager to accommodate people biking and walking as normal, expected aspects of everyday life,” shares Moore. “I’m looking forward to working with the community more as we design the next phase of the Competine Trail.”

By guiding and influencing policies, programs, and development standards, the plan is tailored to make biking and walking safe, efficient, comfortable, and convenient for individuals of all ages and abilities.

For additional information on the Knoxville Bicycle & Trail Master Plan, contact Mindy Moore.

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