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We enjoyed visiting with members of Wisconsin Towns at the WTA Annual Conference. The informal poll we conducted at the Snyder & Associates booth found the primary issue Wisconsin towns are facing is maintaining roadways, followed closely by budget concerns.

Total replacement of worn pavement is very costly and can be avoided, so it is no surprise roads emerged at the top of the priority list. Repairing cracks, sealing or patching pavement, overlaying, and reconstructing roads is necessary to keep people moving safely. Snyder & Associates recommends developing effective road maintenance plans that schedule improvements over a specified time period before addressing individual improvements. Beginning with a fair taxpayer approach, pavement management planning helps determine the priority of necessary improvements to make the best use of constrained maintenance budgets. Our team also recommends determining the cause of pavement distress, prior to specifying improvements in order to avoid repeating future repairs. Not sure where to start? Snyder & Associates can help identify the best plan for addressing costly road repairs, recommend appropriate improvements, and provide a choice of surfacing materials to ensure your budget is being spent as efficiently as possible. As a full-service firm, we prepare plans and specifications, obtain construction quotes based on the total project and administer construction contracts to save our clients time. Our team also provides visual GIS mapping tools to enhance the rehabilitation process, if desired.

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