Pay Invoice
Pay Invoice
Adapting & Thriving: Employee Reflection on the Impact of Civil
The world is on an unexpected, unconventional, and uncomfortable ride but, at Snyder & Associates, we’ve made a commitment to
Challenge, Innovation, & Shared Success: Snyder & Associates Gives Thanks
As we celebrate the holidays and prepare for another year's end, the Snyder & Associates family would like to share
Dam Modification Provides an Alternative to Complete Removal
There are circumstances when the benefits of modifying dams outweigh completing a full dam removal. These occur when removal would
Improving Downtown Fort Dodge’s Streetscape with Local Community Input
The Fort Dodge Streetscape Master Plan is a project by Main Street Fort Dodge—a volunteer organization aiming to revitalize and market
Effective Planning for Roadway Access Management Guides Community Expansion
Access management principles balance the competing needs of traffic mobility, safe access to adjacent properties, and supports future land development
Performance Measures & Adaptive Signal Technology Bring “Smart” Solutions to
The transportation planning experts with Snyder & Associates are well-versed at helping communities evaluate the factors that would lead to
Community Water Storage Solutions: How to Select a Water Tank
Selecting water storage to best fit your community can be complex and challenging. Our experts at Snyder & Associates are
Streetscape Tree Planting to Enhance Transportation Corridors
The keys for a successful and long-lived urban forest lie in the planning phase and the initial first steps before
Expanding Possibilities-Designing Spaces for High School Athletes & Fans
The top trend in high school facility design is space that can accommodate sports and other school and community events,
Finding Space for Parks – The Ins and Outs of
In a perfect world, every neighborhood would have plenty of green space set aside with play equipment and areas for
Summertime Cooling Options Expand as Splash Pads Take Center Stage
Snyder & Associates has been at the forefront of helping communities of all sizes create the perfect splash pad arrangement
Transportation Master Planning Guides Community Investment
Transportation master plans go beyond a comprehensive plan and provide clarity and direction a community can use and act upon.
water resources project funding options for communities and public agencies
Water Resources Project Funding: Options for Iowa Communities & Public
The professionals at Snyder & Associates are well-versed at navigating the numerous funding programs available to communities and tailoring projects
Why Do Communities Need Stormwater Ordinances?
Communities all across the country are realizing the importance and need for change in stormwater management and ordinances. With the
transportation project funding options for communities and public agencies
Transportation Project Funding: Options for Communities & Public Agencies
The professionals at Snyder & Associates are well-versed at navigating the numerous funding programs available to Iowa communities and tailoring
COVID-19 Impacts Funding for Roadway Projects
Past experience places Snyder & Associates in a unique position to help you through the intricacies of this process should
Pickleball Courts Gain Foothold in Parks & Sports Complexes
The landscape team at Snyder & Associates says pickleball court projects are one of the top requests they receive from
Advisory Bike Lanes: Rural Community Roadway Sharing Options
Advisory bike lanes are an emerging bicycle facility. These lanes are comprised of broken or dashed lane lines that accommodate
A Message From Snyder & Associates: COVID-19
To our valued clients: As the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic continue to evolve, the health and safety of our
Optimize Your Roadway Network with a Pavement Management System
A pavement management system helps to identify the pothole candidates, establish a plan to minimize their expansion, and improve the
404 Permitting Plays a Critical Role in the Health of
Navigating the complexities of the 404 permitting process requires the services of a knowledgeable and trusted partner. Snyder & Associates
Identifying the Contaminants in Drinking Water Systems & Proper Treatments
The EPA has established guidelines for more than 90 of the contaminants most often found in drinking water supplies. All
3D model of ames corridor.
3D Modeling Paves the Way for Enhanced Construction Methods &
As 3D engineering software continues to improve, the benefits of using 3D modeling continue to expand, allowing for faster, more
Planning for the Transportation System of a “Smart City”
The transportation engineering profession has an unmistakable role in Smart City implementation efforts. From creating free-flowing traffic corridors to improving
Silencing Train Horns: Navigating the Establishment of a Railroad Quiet
Snyder & Associates has helped many communities find the right solutions for establishing Quiet Zones in the most cost-effective manner.
A surveyor reading instruments
How Is Technology Changing Land Surveying: Improved Safety, Efficiency, &
Unmanned aerial vehicles, HyDrone boats, and scanners are transforming the world of land survey. Explore the benefits, applications, and recommended
Two glasses of water next to each with the left glass muddy with manganese.
Dealing with Manganese in Community Drinking Water: Risk & Treatment
Elevated manganese levels in the drinking water supply can be concerning. Learn about the risks of manganese in drinking water,
A wetland used in environmental permitting of mitigation banking.
Mitigation Banking: Offsetting Unavoidable Impacts to Aquatic Resources
Explore the benefits of wetland and stream mitigation banking and how mitigation banks offset unavoidable impacts to aquatic resources.
A group of professions within the civil engineering industry post with awards for a variety of civil engineering projects.
ACEC of Iowa Honors Snyder & Associates with Five Engineering
Snyder & Associates received five engineering awards for projects that demonstrate innovation, complexity, achievement, and value from the ACEC-Iowa.
Two men standing next to a Snyder & Associates, a civil engineering firm, truck preparing a drone for take off.
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles/Drones: New Approach to Land Surveying & Mapping
Using an unmanned aerial system (UAS), we gain more detail and information during land survey. Also known as a drone,
Flood damaged buckled pavement due to lack of a stormwater management plan
Flood Protection from Climate Change: Stormwater Management Best Practices
Protecting Communities from Growing Flood Concerns Do you feel like every spring goes down as the wettest on record? Doesn’t
A sanitary sewer manhole with superimposed text that ready 'Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring: Right -Size Wastewater Improvements'.
Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring: Reduce I/I & Right-Size Wastewater Improvements
Identify and quantify inflow and infiltration issues through flow monitoring to determine cost-effective solutions for your wastewater treatment infrastructure.
A flooded residential road due to lack of a stormwater management plan
Reducing Flood Risk & How to Achieve Community Resilience
Learn how to strengthen your community's resilience to flooding through stormwater management, property buyouts, and strategic planning.
Dam Removal: An Alternative to Costly Maintenance & Repairs
Historical Significance of Dams in Society For centuries, dams have played an important role in the vitality of lake and
A Civil Engineering Technician sits at a table with engineers to work on a project at Snyder & Associates, a civil engineering firm.
Career Spotlight: Civil Engineering Technicians
Civil Engineering Technicians: Plenty of Job Opportunities & Demand Across the Midwest and beyond, Civil Engineering Technicians are in high
Governor Kim Reynolds and Lt. Governor Adam Gregg gather for a group photo with scholarship award recipients of the 2018 Iowa League of Cities If I Were Mayor Essay Contest during a ceremony at the Iowa State Capitol.
If I Were Mayor Essay Contest Scholarship Winners Value Community
Pictured above left to right: Megan Dunlap, Lt. Governor Adam Gregg, Adin Huet, Alyssa Ferdig, Governor Kim Reynolds, Ella Strand,
Landscape entry to park shelter.
4 Design Principles for Community Placemaking
Community Livability Achieved Through Placemaking What makes one public space or street corridor better than another? What draws people in
Do I Need a 404 Permit?
Whether you’re a private landowner, developer, municipality, public agency, or organization, the Clean Water Act requires permitting before construction or
Top 7 Considerations for Natural Turf Sports Field Design
Key Aspects of Designing Natural Grass Sports Fields Do you have a natural turf athletic field with worn out, hard
Trail Terminology: Bike Trail Verses Multi-Use Trail
In this post, Mindy Moore, AICP, discusses the benefits that trails provide to users and how the terminology that’s used
Scooter Sensation: Planning for a Transportation Revolution
Electric Scooter Sharing in Action Over the last few years, scooter share companies (Bird, Spin, Lime) have initiated dockless scooter
Improving Safety through Road Diets
Whether you drive, bike, walk, or use public transit—safety on our nation’s roadways is paramount. In the 1950s and 1960s,
My Summer as a Planning Intern at Snyder
Zoey Mauck joined Snyder & Associates’ planning team this summer as an intern working under the direction of Mindy Moore,
Rolling Out Pavement Technologies
Rolling Out Pavement Technologies by Gina Ahlstrom Innovative approaches to construct and maintain roadway surfaces have the potential to save
Aspiring Engineer Gains Career Advice
For Matt Hines career advice and bagel bites were a winning combination. At the suggestion of his Ankeny Centennial High
Maximize Sewer System Lifespan
This post provides an overview of the methods used to evaluate sanitary sewer systems along with common techniques and key
Council Bluffs’ Dream Playground Re-Imagined Promotes All-Inclusive Play
This post provides an overview of Council Bluffs’ community efforts to update and enhance a playground at Lake Manawa State
BUILD Grants Offer $1.5 Billion in Infrastructure Funding
This post provides information on the US DOT’s new BUILD Grant Program. $1.5 billion in discretionary infrastructure grant funding is
Ammonia Reduction for Wastewater Lagoons: NPDES Requirements
This post explores lagoon wastewater treatment replacement and retrofit options for small communities faced with stringent NPDES treatment requirements. It
IA 141 Corridor Study Informational Video
Gathering Feedback to Guide Corridor Improvements Polk County and the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) have partnered to review traffic
Economic Insights for the U.S. & Iowa
Snyder & Associates hosted a presentation from David Swenson, Associate Scientist for the Department of Economics at Iowa State University.
Igniting Inspiration in the Engineering Profession
Snyder & Associates employees reflect on the multitude of ways they inspire interest in engineering locally, regionally, and beyond.
Engineering Across Borders: Improving Water Quality in Colombia
Engineering on a Global Scale The opportunity to travel and make a difference through engineering catapulted Barbara Johnston, EI, Civil
Honoring Snyder & Associates’ Staff Achievements & Tenure
When Mark Land, PE, CFM, Vice President of Snyder & Associates began working at Snyder & Associates he knew he
Snyder & Associates Opens Office in Iowa City
Combining Engineering, Planning & Design Expertise in Iowa City Snyder & Associates and Shuck-Britson are excited to announce the grand
Best Practices for Concrete Pavement Sustainability
Maximizing Concrete Pavement Lifespan The 2017-2018 winter forum topic is Evolution of Concrete Pavements: Lessons Learned for Long-life Concrete Pavements.
Guiding the Future of Pavement Performance
Complex Challenges of Managing Public Infrastructure Managing public infrastructure in the face of 21st-century challenges can be a daunting task
Pavement Restoration Techniques: How to Give CPR to Roads
Matching Condition & Stage of Distress Identifies Preservation Techniques Concrete pavement restoration (CPR) is much like its shared acronym, in
Iowa 7th Graders “If I Were Mayor” Essay Contest
The Iowa League of Cities is accepting submissions for the 9th annual “If I were Mayor” Essay Contest sponsored by
Empowering Municipalities through Geographic Information System (GIS)
Improving Data Management & Analysis through GIS The Town of Vienna in Dane County, Wisconsin recently incorporated a Geographic Information
Why Community Planning Matters?
Planning for Resilience in Community Development  The diverse team of engineering and planning experts at Snyder & Associates are reflecting on the
Innovative Community Planning Prompts APA Awards
With great excitement, Snyder & Associates staff accepted two awards during the 2017 American Planning Association (APA) Upper Midwest Planning
UNI Project Illustrates the Importance of Teamwork
Slope Instability Sparks Project Need In April 2017, the University of Northern Iowa reached out to Snyder & Associates in
Engineering Excellence: ACEC Honor Award for CRST Center
Inspiring Structural Design On May 10, 2017, Craig German, PE, Lead Structural Engineer for Shuck-Britson, accepted an ACEC Honor Award
National Bike Month: Promoting Active Transportation
Celebrating Bike Month May is National Bike Month, and all throughout the country, communities, transportation professionals, and cycling enthusiasts are
APA Ambassadors Help Students Envision Kidtropolis
Developing a Kid-friendly, Green City On Friday, March 31st, 2017, APA Ambassadors Mindy Moore of Snyder & Associates, Leanne Harter,
What is Landscape Architecture & Why is it Important?
Landscape Architecture Integrates Man-Made & Natural Environments From parks to streetscapes, educational campuses, and commercial developments, landscape architecture surrounds us.
Communication & Construction Services the Snyder Way
Maintaining Proper Levels of Project Communication Guiding a project successfully from concept through construction takes planning, expertise, and effective communication. Functioning
Watershed Management Success: 11th Annual Iowa Water Conference
Approximately 400 attendees are expected for the 11th Annual Iowa Water Conference March 22 and 23, 2017 at the Scheman
National Surveyors Week: Honoring a Staple Service
Providing Land Survey Since 1977 When Dennis Snyder and Steven Rowe established Snyder & Associates in 1977, survey comprised the majority
Fort Dodge Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Snyder & Associates hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site of its new downtown Fort Dodge office, 911 Central Avenue, on
Celebrating #EngineersWeek – Veteran Employee Spotlight
Engineers Week (E-Week) is in full swing, and the Snyder & Associates family couldn’t be more excited to join colleagues
Kicking Off #EngineersWeek – New Hires Spotlight
The impact engineering has on day-to-day life is astounding. Everything from clean drinking water to safe, efficient roadway and bridge
42nd Annual IRWA Annual Conference
From February 20-22, 2017, the 42nd annual Iowa Rural Water Association Annual Conference will take place at the Veterans Memorial
2016 “If I Were Mayor” Essay Contest Winners Honored
On Tuesday, January 24, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad and the Iowa League of Cities recognized winners of the 2016 “If
Snyder & Associates Celebrates 40 Years of Service
Reminiscing Our Heritage: Message from Snyder & Associates’ President When Dennis Snyder and Stephen Rowe founded Snyder & Associates, they
Anticipation Builds for 70th Anniversary Conference
County engineers and staff from across Iowa, along with consultants and material/equipment vendors, are gearing up for the 70th annual
Miracle League Fields & All-Inclusive Playgrounds: A Growing Recreational Trend
All-Inclusive Facilities Eliminate Mobility Barriers In 1997, a 7-year-old boy named Michael Moore caught the attention of Eddie Bagwell, coach
IAMU Workshop Highlights Safe, Reliable, and Innovative Water Resource Solutions
The Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities will host its 23rd Annual Water/Wastewater Operators Training Workshop in Des Moines, Iowa November
Snyder & Associates Receives 2016 Transportation Planning Award
The Iowa Chapter of the American Planning Association recently awarded the 2016 Transportation Planning Award to Snyder & Associates in
National Community Planning Month: Celebrating Smart Planning & Civic Engagement
During the month of October, Snyder & Associates is proud to join the American Planning Association and colleagues from across
5 Ways Parks Provide a Return on Investment
This is a guest post by Isabel Munson and Ed Krafcik. The post originally appeared on the National League of
Benefits of Native Plant Landscaping Design
Our Changing Landscape & Environment Before agriculture and urban development, the Midwest landscape was primarily comprised of prairie vegetation for
Enhancing Digital Designs Through Animations
Ariel Rauk, Design Technician, of Snyder & Associates, will present at the 2016 Iowa Digital Design & Engineering Applications (IDDEA)
Addressing Challenges of Delivering Safe, Reliable Drinking Water
The Iowa section of the American Water Works Association will host the 101st IA-AWWA Annual Conference in Altoona, Iowa October
Making Small Towns Special: How to Afford Public Art
Imagine living in a community everyone describes as being special, livable or memorable. Did you imagine a place with a
ASCE Iowa Section Annual Awards
The ASCE Iowa Section annual meeting and conference program highlights include an update on ASCE leadership and initiative, a panel
The Future of High School Athletic Fields
According to a recent survey by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), over 7.9 million U.S. students
Controlling Sediment and Erosion: Preventative Measures to Protect Soil &
Regulatory agencies have placed stringent requirements on preventative erosion control measures and permitting. It's Snyder & Associates' job to understand
Things We Love Thursday – Author Heather Matson
Things We Love Thursday – Author Heather Matson I’m excited to share a new post recognizing a forward-thinking Ankeny company
Ivo Lopez to Present at Great Connections: Erosion Control Lessons
Ivo Lopez, Ph.D., P.E. of Snyder & Associates, Inc., is slated to present at the 2016 International Erosion Control Association
3D model of a diverging diamond interchange.
Diverging Diamond Interchange Benefits
Innovative DDI Interchange Comes to Ankeny A new intersection design known as a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), or Double Crossover
Bid Law Change
On March 23rd, Governor Branstad signed into law Senate File 2170  which will become effective on July 1, 2016, making
Award-Winning Trail & Greenway Project
Representatives of the Gypsum City Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Park traveled to Washington, D.C. to be presented with an Annual Achievement Award
IES PE Leadership Institute
The Iowa Engineering Society PE Leadership Institute was established in 2013 and continues to grow each year. As the only
Mud, Camp, & Spring Creek Watershed Management Plan
Creating Watershed Improvement Goals The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Authority (WMA) has completed the Mud, Camp, and
Easter Lake Hydraulic Dredging
Easter Lake has been identified as a restoration priority due to diminished water quality and is considered impaired by the
Iowa ACEC Engineering Excellence Award
The American Council of Engineering Companies of Iowa (ACEC/Iowa) awarded a 2016 Engineering Excellence Award to the City of West
2016 Award of Merit for the Fort Dodge Northwest River
Contributing team members pictured above – Back row (left to right): Bret J. Balvanz, Landscape Architect; Tim West, Landscape Architect
Emerging Challenges Facing Water Resources
The demands for a clean water supply are constantly increasing, which creates a requirement for increased efficiency in our management
Floodwater rising up from a stream up to suburban backyards.
Benefits of a Watershed Management Authority
Stormwater Management at a Watershed Level When the skies open up and stormwater leads to flooding, there’s a gamut of
High School Athletic Complex for Ames Community School District
The 24th Street Development will provide an open and inviting gathering space for various outdoor events in Ames, Iowa. The triangle
Ankeny “Play It Forward” Sports Gear-Giveaway
This year’s Ankeny Leadership Institute (ALI) program includes two Snyder & Associates’ employees as members, Terry Coady and Clay Schneckloth.
Groundbreaking on The Edge at Gray’s Landing
Ground recently broke on The Edge at Gray’s Landing – a 90 unit workforce housing development in downtown Des Moines.
Groundbreaking in Pleasant Hill, Iowa
The City of Pleasant Hill broke ground on the Youngstown Trail on March 21. “Metro-wide trails are a huge importance,” said
Celebrating Leap Day & Innovation
We celebrated Leap Day with a “Leap into Innovation” event held company-wide over the lunch hour. The goal for our
Governor Branstad Tours West Burlington Wastewater Treatment Plant
In efforts to improve Iowa water quality, Governor Terry Branstad visited the City of West Burlington and the City of
We Love Engineering!
A BIG THANK YOU, goes out to our employees for sharing feedback on why they love engineering! Their passion is displayed
2015 “If I Were Mayor” Essay Contest Winners
Today, the Iowa League of Cities and Snyder & Associates recognized the“If I Were Mayor…” Essay Contest winners at the Iowa
Using Technology to Improve Project Delivery
3D engineered modeling in highway construction provides numerous benefits to owners, engineers, contractors, and the general public, including: Optimization of
Trail Funding Resources
Many paved trail projects require multiple sources of funding to become a reality. This typically includes local government budgeting, private donations,
2015 Iowa Environmental Planning Award
The Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority was recognized as one of the recipients of the Governor’s Iowa Environmental Excellence Award
Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority
Flooding, Streambank Erosion, & Nutrient Loading The Fourmile Creek watershed encompasses approximately 119 square miles in Polk, Boone, and Story
First LEED Platinum State Building in Iowa
The Iowa Utilities Board/Office of Consumer Advocate building is the first state government structure in Iowa to be certified LEED
Reduce Long-Term Street Repair Costs
Plan Ahead for Street Preservation to Maximize Funding Dollars With a pavement management plan, you can protect your pavement network
Board of Directors Proclaims Thursday, July 2, 2015 as David
Please join us in extending warm wishes and congratulations on a successful career to Dave A. Stoklasa, who has announced
Supporting Community Growth Efforts
Snyder & Associates was recognized by the Polk County Housing Trust Fund in the June Newsletter for ten years of contributions,
Ankeny Miracle Park
The final playground structures of the Miracle League Park in Ankeny, IA are being installed through a community build effort. Over 20
Sand Out, Clay In at Terra Lake Park
Improvements at Terra Lake Park in Johnston, IA are in full swing with approximately half of the earthwork already complete. CJ Moyna is orchestrating 25
Wild Rose Jefferson Site Plan
Wild Rose Jefferson and Grow Greene County Gaming Corp. held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new casino in Jefferson, Iowa on
Union Pacific train approaching overpass in Jefferson Iowa.
ACEC of Iowa Engineering Excellence Award
The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Iowa recently recognized the City of Jefferson, IA and their partners, Snyder
New Location for Structural Team
Shuck-Britson, Inc., a division of Snyder & Associates, reinforced their commitment to Des Moines by relocating their office from Grand Avenue
Roads are Primary Concern for WI Towns
We enjoyed visiting with members of Wisconsin Towns at the WTA Annual Conference. The informal poll we conducted at the
First Pitch at Ankeny Miracle Field
The first pitch was thrown on Saturday, September 7, 2013, to kick off the inaugural season at the Hawkeye Park
Right-of-Way Acquisition Services
Screenshot thumbnail of Snyder & Associates, a civil engineering firm, brochure.
Firm Overview
Screenshot thumbnail of land development engineering brochure.
Land Development
Screenshot thumbnail of survey brochure.
Transportation Planning
Community Planning
Screenshot thumbnail of funding assistance brochure.
Funding Assistance
Screenshot thumbnail of municipal engineering services brochure.
Municipal Engineering
Screenshot thumbnail of athletic facility design brochure.
Athletic Facilities
Screenshot thumbnail of park master planning brochure.
Screenshot thumbnail of streetscape design brochure.
Screenshot thumbnail of trail design brochure.
Screenshot thumbnail of multimodal transportation brochure.
Bicycles & Pedestrians
Screenshot thumbnail of freight rail engineering brochure.
Freight Rail
Screenshot thumbnail of urban transportation planning brochure.
Public Transit
Screenshot thumbnail of roadway design brochure.
Streets & Highways
Screenshot thumbnail of traffic engineering brochure.
Traffic Engineering
Screenshot thumbnail of water treatment engineering brochure.
Drinking Water
Screenshot thumbnail of environmental permitting brochure.
Screenshot thumbnail of environmental water quality brochure.
Rivers, Lake & Stream
Screenshot thumbnail of stormwater management plan brochure.
Screenshot thumbnail of wastewater treatment plant design brochure.
Diverging Diamond Interchange – Ankeny, IA
Benefiting from favorable construction weather the Snyder & Associates designed Diverging Diamond Intersection (DDI) at I-35 and E 1st Street
Snyder & Associates’ Employees Display Dedication During This Pandemic
We recognize our firm’s continued commitment to our clients and projects in spite of the pandemic.
Snyder & Associates, Inc: About us
We’re committed to the long-term success of our clients.
Snyder & Associates, Inc: Firm History
Steve Rowe, Co-founder of Snyder & Associates, joins current and past employees to reflect upon the firm’s inception and major milestones.
Demolition Begins on Des Moines River Hydroelectric Dam Removal
Improving River Safety, Water Quality & Recreation Through Des Moines River Dam Removal, Fort Dodge, IA
Navigating a Diverging Diamond Interchange
In a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI), traffic is shifted from the right side of the road to the left side
Setting A Bridge In Under 60 Seconds
A pedestrian bridge over Lyons Creek in Webster City, Iowa is set.
IA 141 Corridor Study – PIM1
Introductory video for the first Public Information Meeting for the IA 141 Corridor Study held March 27, 2018.
Outlets of Des Moines Tour
Snyder & Associates was the civil engineer and landscape architect for the Outlets of Des Moines.
Nevada Athletic Stadium Renovations
The recently completed Nevada Stadium renovations were prompted by the school district’s desire for a multi-use athletic facility that included
1st Avenue Grade Separation Project
The 1st Avenue Grade Separation project in Iowa City, Iowa improved flow and safety for pedestrian, vehicle, and train traffic.
Ames Miracle League Field and All-Inclusive Playground
The Ames Miracle Field and Playground strives to provide recreational facilities in an integrated atmosphere everyone can enjoy.
Trail Planning and Development
Many times we are approached when someone has an idea for developing a multi-use trail, but they aren’t sure where
Iowa’s Economic Trends Webinar
Featuring Dave Swenson, Associate Scientist, Department of Economics, Iowa State University
Iowa City 1st Ave Underpass
Lowering 1st Ave & raising Iowa Interstate Railroad to create a grade separation crossing.
Native Landscapes
Due to large, robust root systems, native plants cultivate rich soil with high organic content and space within the soil
Bike Advocacy
We create master plans for communities to make biking and walking a viable transportation option for the public.
Celebrating Landscape Architecture
We focus on collaborating with user groups and community leaders through our design process to develop and execute a vision
Ames Community School District Athletic Complex
The triangle shaped 26-acre parcel situated within a densely populated residential neighborhood, resulted in some fun challenges for our design
Diverging Diamond Interchange – 2nd in Iowa
The E. 1st Street Interchange Project includes the design and construction of a DDI (diverging diamond interchange) on I-35 in
DDI Still Aerial Video
The DDI eliminates the requirement to wait for side road traffic looking to turn left onto the interstate on-ramp by
Fort Dodge, IA Cross Town Connector
Cross-Town Connector Debuts in Fort Dodge, IA
Athletic Facilities
Why choose S&A for athletics?
Community Public Spaces
We focus on collaborating with user groups and community leaders through our design process to develop and execute a vision
Park Designs & Development
We focus on the needs of the user area around the park, whether it is a neighborhood or region of
Landscape Architecture
Carefully planned park, street and campus landscaping enhances the image of a community and provides an uplifting pedestrian experience.
Trail Planning & Design
Our passion for trail design is displayed through the blend of art, science and project management.
Snyder & Associates Firm Overview
By thinking beyond engineering, we bring communities together, manage the public involvement process and coordinate with government entities.

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