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When things are going right and functioning properly, it is easy for the public to overlook engineering accomplishments. We believe that roads, bridges, trails, buildings, parking lots, drinking water, sewer facilities and stormwater management aren’t just infrastructure, but these built environments make our communities safer and more enjoyable. Thus, the small things we do at Snyder & Associates every-day make a big difference.

We’re reflecting on how our value is recognized as a return on investment (ROI) and encouraging our staff to discuss their Realization of Impact (ROI). By asking, ”When was there a time where you were struck by the impact your work was making?”

We introduced the concept of Realization of Impact to our employees by sharing a story. For our firm’s President, Dave Moeller, PE, the 100-year flood event Central Iowa experienced in 2018 was a powerful reminder.

“We don’t always have the opportunity to see our designs pushed to their limits,” he shares. “Last year, historic flooding put Fourmile Creek in jeopardy. The restoration and improvements we guided beforehand, weathered the storm.”

Prior to the flood, Fourmile Creek experienced severe streambank erosion that left sanitary sewer infrastructure at risk for exposure. Using natural channel design concepts and integrating ecological lift techniques, Snyder’s design team transformed an environmental liability into a community asset. Stabilizing the banks provided additional benefits including improved water quality, increased safety, and reduced flood risks.

It’s difficult to know what could have occurred without sound engineering to improve the resilience and integrity of Fourmile Creek, but the outcome was rewarding.

“We’re proud of how the restoration and overall improvements of Fourmile Creek performed,” he says. “Realizing the profound impact of our engineering brought fulfillment for the entire team.”

For Moeller and his colleagues, these moments bring the impact of engineering to light and capture the essence of our profession. During our annual employee recognition, we asked staff members being recognized for their service, in five-year increments, to share their stories —here’s what they had to say:

40 Years

I realize the many impacts Snyder & Associates longevity, growth, and values have on our dedicated staff. I’m proud to have witnessed staff start as summer interns, gain their licensing, and grow to become key leaders.

– Michael G. Geier, PLS, Council Bluffs Business Unit Leader, Chairperson of the Board



30 Years

Working on the park design for Ada Hayden Heritage Park was a dream come true. Being part of what Ames community members consider their crown jewel is very rewarding, even now, 15 years later.

– Don Marner, PLA, Landscape Architect/Business Unit Leader



20 Years

A recent team effort with the City of Ankeny involved analyzing and updating traffic signal timing and coordination plans at 48 signalized intersections. We received positive communication from the public about the improved traffic flow. It’s even more rewarding to know fewer crashes are likely to occur.

– Tony Boes, PE, PTOE, Traffic Engineer



Even as our firm grows, we maintain the small office sentiment. No matter the circumstances, we strive to make the world a better and safer place for everyone’s family and friends.

– Kim Brix, Engineering Technician



While surveying, I witnessed numerous homeless people living near the area for a future homeless shelter addition. Knowing the work we completed was going to help provide temporary residence for homeless individuals and families was extremely humbling.

– Erin Griffin, PLS, Land Surveyor



Stream bank stabilization and low-head dam mitigation were completed to protect a large water transmission main under Squaw Creek. With the design nearing completion, four kayakers went over the dam and nearly lost their lives. I’m proud knowing our design will provide a safe recreation route for future kayakers, in light of the near-tragedy.

– Steve Klocke, PE, Civil Engineer



While surveying in Carlisle, two cars collided at the intersection under review for improvement. Thankfully, no one was injured. The incident was eye opening. We don’t just improve traffic flow, we prevent accidents.

– Eric Miller, PLS, Survey Business Unit Leader



15 Years

I worked on the Coralville Camp Cardinal Boulevard Extension project. While I no longer live in eastern Iowa, whenever I’m in the area I drive through the corridor. Observing the growth and development gives me the realization that what we do is not just a “job” but it truly transforms communities.

– Andy Burke, PE, Civil Engineer



For years, there was debate on downtown Des Moines becoming a true “home” for residents looking to live, work and play. The 420 Court project, consisting of a new Hy-Vee, apartment building and parking garage, was a breakthrough in the growth and sustainability of the downtown environment. I was pleased to hear friends discuss the development and share in my excitement as I worked on the project.

– Eric Cannon, PE, Civil Engineer



I value our firm’s skilled, hardworking and dedicated employees. Through our commitment, we facilitate project success for our clients and earn their trust. I find the highest reward for client dedication is consistently earning their satisfaction and repeat business.

– Jerod Gross, PE, LEED AP, Civil Engineer



At the Prairie Heritage Civic Plaza ribbon cutting, it was moving to see the community enjoying features we designed for the park. I felt like I knew all the behind the scenes secrets to make it an amazing community space.

– Clay Schneckloth, PLA, Landscape Architect.



Nothing compares to the visual experience of a completed project. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the amount of effort that goes into each of our designs and inspecting the implementation into construction successes with several different contractors working toward a common goal.

– Mark Webb, Construction Technician



10 Years

I feel valued as a team member while working on projects that improve quality of life. I realize my role has an important impact on our clients, resulting in the success of the firm.

– Sara Blong, Administrative Assistant



Watching young engineers learn and advance in their knowledge and responsibility is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. As a mentor, I take my responsibility for assisting future generation very seriously. The safety of several thousand vehicles on the road each day is something I think about often while completing structural bridge design.

– Jerome Hatlewick, PE, Structural Engineer



My favorite part of the job, is serving the people. One of the best compliments I’ve received is when our engineering accomplishments are unnoticed. This indicates to me that we are doing our job appropriately. Meaning, we are meeting our client’s challenges and keeping their communities functioning properly.

– Patrick Schwickerath, PE, Civil Engineer



5 Years

I enjoy working a variety of projects and the unique challenges each project brings. Seeing things you have designed on paper actually being built, is an awesome experience.

– A.J. Barry, EI, Civil Engineer



I found the research I completed on the historic plans for the Iowa State Capital building, Marshall County Courthouse, and Webster County Courthouse to be intriguing. Applying new engineering technology to these landmarks is very fulfilling. I’m proud to be part of the rehabilitation efforts for each of these buildings. Increasing their longevity allows future generations to enjoy them.

– Kevin Binder, PE, Structural Engineer



The world of right-of-way acquisitions is typically not popular, but working on ADA-compliant sidewalk and driveway upgrades along Belle Plain’s HWY 21 was an incredible experience. The landowners were thrilled by the wonderful improvement to their property! Now they have beautiful, new sidewalks with a smoother surface for baby strollers, wheelchairs, walkers, and their kids to ride bikes. We were part of adding tremendous value to the landowners along HWY 21 and the community of Belle Plaine.

– Brian DePrez, Real Estate Acquisition & Relocation Agent


Working alongside the people who help bring an idea to life, I now have a better understanding and appreciation for the effort that so many people put in to improving the world around us. Assisting project managers during various stages of development and then, ultimately being able to use and appreciate first-hand the final product has been eye opening.

– Kym Dresback, Administrative Assistant



The Geotechnical MR_2 project in Council Bluffs is a subsurface project that goes almost entirely unnoticed, yet it’s one of my most rewarding projects. The project is critical in safeguarding the Missouri River levee during flood events and will protect countless residents.

– Brian Fortin, PE, Civil Engineer



During the planning processes for updating a Comprehensive Plan, we utilized numerous engagement techniques to ensure all community members had a voice and stake in the direction of the City’s growth for the next 30 years. I received many compliments about the plan, but none is better than City officials proudly using it for every development decision.

– Jared, Foss, AICP, Planner



Our complete street design for First Avenue Grade Separation in Iowa City was one of my first major projects. The positive impact on safety and addition of beautification features through streetscape design, made this the most rewarding project in my career to date.

– Jordan Gustafson, PE, Structural Engineer



During the renovation of a historic city building used for school fieldtrips, meetings, and an exhibit hall, we encountered engineering challenges. Through a team effort, we provided cost-effective solutions and maintained the construction schedule. I’m proud we received compliments from the client and extended the life of a historic building.

– Justin Harland, EI, Civil Engineer



One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is being able to witness the excitement from the community. Whether we’re improving school facilities and sports complexes in a small, rural town or development of new townhome complex in the gateway to downtown Des Moines, what we do impacts not only the people associated with the project but entire communities. This makes each project more personal to me.

– Korey Marsh, EI, Civil Engineer



Working on the McFarland School District Renovation was a great experience. From collecting field data through construction staking, witnessing the project come to life was a satisfying achievement. Compliments from a contractor for my effort and attention to detail during field data collection, gave me great pride.

– Andy Minga, Survey Technician



I agreed to be a guest speaker at a children’s summer program in a working-class neighborhood. By polling the children, I found their park down the street is – the one they ALL knew; the one they could WALK to; the one they SAW everyday out their window or on their way to school – THAT park was the most important public space in their lives. From this experience, I learned to never diminish the value of smaller, neighborhood parks. To invest in them is to strengthen the neighborhood and to enrich the lives of the children that live there.

– Mindy Moore, AICP, Planner


Following a weekly construction meeting for a storm sewer project, our client applauded the quality of our construction plans. They found the extra care and increased detail we incorporate, as a standard, to be a huge benefit. There’s nothing better than receiving recognition from our client for our work product.

– Brett Paige, PE, Civil Engineer



I’m blessed to bring 2D designs to life. I can convey existing and proposed scenarios, creating a virtual bridge between design and reality. Through digital models, engineers can identify potential areas for safety and design improvement and public communication is improved to those impacted by a project.

– Ariel Rauk, Engineering Technician



The McFarland School District athletic field project featured several new site improvements including a new track and synthetic turf athletic field. Our client was enthusiastic throughout the project and very happy during the final walk-through. I have great pride and sense of accomplishment knowing future student athletes will benefit from this project.

– Zachary Role, EI, Civil Engineer



I was humbled during a public meeting for the Mormon Trek Boulevard lane conversion project. A woman in the crowd praised City staff and our team for making pedestrian safety a priority. She lost her daughter during a car crash on this same roadway. I hang on to this memory and it drives me, in our firm pursuit of increasing community safety.

– Dax Suntken, EI, Civil Engineer



Encouraging Snyder & Associates employees to consider their Realization of Impact (ROI) on projects provides our team the time to reflect on and take pride in their contributions, as they continue enabling our clients to overcome evolving 21st century challenges. The following individuals were also recognized during our annual employee recognition and continue to be valuable members of our firm.

30 Years

  • Deb Beck, Construction Technician

20 Years

  • Allan Smith, Engineering Technician

15 Years

  • Sam Blaisdell, Survey Technician
  • Shasta Grieser, Survey Technician
  • Brian Johnson, Engineering Technician
  • Rick Ness, Survey Technician
  • Jeremy Schlee, PE, Civil Engineer
  • Andrea Yeoman, Administrative Assistant
  • Craig German, PE, Structural Engineer
  • Teri Garbez, Engineering Technician

10 Years

  • Angela Sherwood, Accounting Specialist

5 Years

  • Deanna Schulze, Accounting Specialist
  • Travis Warnke, EI, Civil Engineer
  • Nicholas Eisenbacher, EI, Civil Engineer
  • Brian Johnson, PE, Construction Engineer
  • Jeremy Purvis, PE, Construction Engineer
  • Deanne Knudsen, Administrative Assistant
  • Angelia Katakis, Administrative Assistant