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Celebrating Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, and all throughout the country, communities, transportation professionals, and cycling enthusiasts are celebrating.

“As transportation professionals, we recognize National Bike Month as an opportunity to not only celebrate a beloved pastime, but to also engage more members of our community in the fun-filled, active, and rewarding experience bicycling creates,” shares Jennifer Wiltgen, AICP, Planner for Snyder & Associates.

She goes on to note that bicycling provides multiple benefits on both individual and community levels. As a means of transportation, biking helps us mitigate our impact on the environment, and gets us out of our cars, which allows us to better interact with community spaces including parks and trails. On an individual level, it leads to improved health—both physically and mentally, engages us with nature, saves money, and provides active alternatives for commuting.

Diverse Active Transportation Expertise

Among the events taking place during Bike Month this year is the 2nd Annual Midwest Active Transportation Conference on Friday, May 19. Hosted by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in partnership with Urban Connections, the focus of the conference is to increase awareness, implementation, and coordination of active transportation networks.

“The feedback we received from last year’s event was positive, and we’re excited to continue building upon that success,” states Michele Overgard, Marketing Manager for the Continuing Education and Extension office at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

Overgard also shared that the Midwest Active Transportation Conference offers a unique way to meet and learn alongside professionals from numerous disciplines including architecture, urban and city planning, engineering, and healthcare.

Those in attendance can expect an intimate active learning, networking, and continuing education experience with a mix of half and full hour session presentations delivered by industry professionals. The diverse mix of expertise offered at this year’s event includes “Prudent Scofflaws: Bicyclists and the Seemingly Elusive Stop,” a presentation by Mindy Moore, AICP, Jennifer Wiltgen, AICP, and Scott Anderson, PE, of Snyder & Associates.

“Our presentation focuses on a question that has preoccupied multiple cities and states over the past few decades—should bicyclists be allowed to yield at stops where appropriate? This question may seem simple, but in reality, it’s a lot more complicated than many realize,” explains Moore.

During the presentation, Moore and her colleagues will address different perspectives, laws, design factors, and community planning principles that have contributed to the complexity of this question in a fun and interactive format.

Other conference highlights include:

  • “Why History Matters for Active Transportation”- A presentation by James Longhurst, author of Bike Battles: A History of Sharing the American Road, covering the history of active transportation and how it’s shaped the industry.
  • “Planning for Diversity” – A presentation by Adrian Lipscombe, Ph.D. centered on the importance of diversity in active transportation planning.
  • “Active Transportation: View from Washington” – A presentation by former Wisconsin Representative Tom Petri that will provide information regarding federal funding assistance for active transportation networks.
  • An active lunch event that takes attendees on a bike ride from UW-La Cross to the Southside Neighborhood Center.

Looking Forward

With the conference quickly approaching, members of our team share what they’re looking forward to most:

An image of Scott Anderson, PE, Civil Engineer for Snyder & Associates Madison.


“I look forward to getting together with other industry professionals to discuss and review new and emerging trends in multimodal transportation. It’s always a good experience to review real-world projects and case studies to learn more about what has and hasn’t worked in other communities,” — Scott Anderson, PE, Snyder & Associates Madison



“I would have to say what I’m looking forward to the most is biking during lunch, and of course meeting new people!”— Jennifer Wiltgen, AICP, Snyder & Associates Ankeny




“I look forward to a fun-filled day of talking and learning more about one of my favorite things—biking!” — Mindy Moore, AICP, of Snyder & Associates’ Ankeny



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