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Creating Watershed Improvement Goals

The Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Authority (WMA) has completed the Mud, Camp, and Spring Creek Watershed Management Plan.

The watershed encompasses approximately 101 square miles of Polk, Jasper, and Marion counties in Iowa. The purpose of the plan was to develop specific goals that will benefit the watershed by:

  • Reducing damages from flooding
  • Documenting and improving water quality
  • Providing educational resources for the general public
  • Creating expanded and improved recreational opportunities

The plan discusses the current state of the watershed, concerns, and challenges facing the watershed, and implementation recommendations for watershed goals developed through the planning process. The plan was developed using funding from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Snyder & Associates was the primary author of the report. Partners on the project include Polk Soil and Water Conservation District, RDG Planning and Design, and Metro Waste Authority.

The complete report can be found at

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