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Work-based Education & Skill Building

A recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 65 percent of employers prefer job candidates that have relevant work experience with 56 percent of respondents favoring experience gained through internships or co-ops. As Warner Coffman, Human Resources Director for Snyder & Associates explains, these types of experiences help prepare students for the workforce.


Internships and co-ops are an excellent opportunity for students to get firsthand exposure to real-world applications of what they’ve studied,” he states. “It helps fine-tune how they should focus their studies to get the most out of their education and set the table for their careers.”


Feedback from Zoey Mauck, a 2018 summer intern with the Snyder & Associates’ planning team, and other recent intern and co-op participants further illustrate the importance of work-based education and skill building.

“I was pleasantly surprised to work on only bike- and pedestrian-related projects, fulfilling my passion during my time at Snyder,” says Mauck. “I was even able to tag along to related public meetings, presentations, and seminars.”

“This experience helped me prepare for the future by improving my technical knowledge,” shares Tasha Vipond. “I will go into my final years of college better equipped to utilize modeling software and specifications with a greater understanding of the overall design process.”

Connect With Us

This spring, career fairs are taking place throughout the country, providing a convenient way for job candidates to connect with potential employers and explore career opportunities. With a strong dedication to STEM education, career fairs serve as a unique opportunity to engage with today’s top talent.

“Forward-thinking, passionate people committed to life-long learning and improvement is essential for success in civil engineering,” explains Dave Moeller, President of Snyder & Associates. “Our growth as a firm is deliberate. We strive to provide our clients with thoughtful, comprehensive solutions to the challenges they face, and our ability to do that rests within the strength of our team.”

On average, between ten and 20 internships and co-ops are available each year. 

Current students, upcoming graduates, and college alumni interested in exploring career opportunities with Snyder & Associates are encouraged to visit us at the following college career fairs:

  • University of Wisconsin, Platteville — Monday, September 23, 2019
  • Iowa State University — Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • Missouri S&T — Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • University of Iowa — Thursday, October 3, 2019

Civil Engineering Technicians studying at the DMACC Boone Campus are welcome to apply for the Snyder & Associates Civil Engineering Technician Scholarship, which awards a paid summer internship with a $1,000 scholarship.

Resumes for the following majors are of particular interest:

Currently, the firm has career opportunities available in project management, engineering, land survey, civil design, and more. 

Strong Company Culture & Values

Internships and co-ops are more than just an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and develop skills in a real-world setting. They’re also the first experience many young people have with company culture and values.

“I’m continually blown away by how much Snyder values their employees, and I love knowing that I’m valued working here,” shares John DeVries, a 2018 traffic intern.

Coffman, who has over 35 years of recruiting experience, credits Snyder & Associates’ supportive and stable company culture for the long-term loyalty of its employees.

“Many of our employees have been here ten years or more, and some up to 35,” he shares. “You just don’t see that very often in today’s job climate. The firm is loyal to its people, and the people recognize and return that favor.”

Since its inception in 1977, Snyder & Associates has grown sustainably from a small, two-person firm in downtown Oskaloosa, Iowa to include over 250 employees in twelve branch offices across five Midwest states. Despite continued growth, Snyder & Associates strives to maintain a “small firm feel” where all employees feel valued and supported to pursue fulfilling careers.

“When people can channel their energy into something they’re excited about, you’ll start to see a lot of good things happen,” explains Coffman. “And that ultimately finds its way to our clients. Happy people help create a stable environment and that stability helps us better serve our clients.”

Recognizing the unique needs of its employees, Snyder & Associates allows for flexible start times and reduced hour schedules for those unable to work full time. Overtime hours aren’t worked or expected on a regular basis, and a generous PTO formula encourages people to take time off. In addition, a robust benefits package gives employees peace of mind that they’re looked after and that they’re families are protected.

“We don’t want people to sweat the details. We want to equip them with the best tools available and provide an environment free of distraction so they can flourish. At the end of the day, that’s the best way to ensure success for our clients, employees, and the firm as a whole.”