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The City of Pleasant Hill broke ground on the Youngstown Trail on March 21.

“Metro-wide trails are a huge importance,” said Madeline Sturms, senior city planner. “The entire metro is working to become the trails capital of the world.”

This project will link the city of Pleasant Hill to the Gay Lea Wilson Trail, helping residents of the community connect to the Central Iowa Trail System.

“People in general are excited about the opportunity to have trails because not only are they a recreational connection but also a commuter route and helps for economic develop,” Sturms said.

After completion of phase one of the project, the trail will extend from N.E. 56th Street east along the U.S. Highway 65 bypass and connect to Oakwood Drive.

Future phases will extend the Youngstown Trail south along the bypass to Parkridge Avenue and connect to Doanes Park and the southern access of the Gay Lea Wilson Trail.

“The city is looking to create more of an intra-community connection,” Sturms said. “The Youngstown trail will allow residents to actually ride their bikes and eventually get to a trailhead from their house instead of having to go to Copper Creek Lake to get to the trailhead.”

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