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Flooding, Streambank Erosion, & Nutrient Loading

The Fourmile Creek watershed encompasses approximately 119 square miles in Polk, Boone, and Story Counties. Urbanization is occurring at a rapid rate throughout the watershed. Increasing stormwater runoff and accompanying pollutants drain into the stream, which drains into the Des Moines River. In addition, frequent flood events in the watershed have impacted numerous homes and businesses. Flooding, streambank erosion, nutrient loading, and bacteria are the primary concerns in the watershed, which led to the formation of the Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority (FCWMA).

Supervisor Tom Hockensmith, whose district encompasses much of the Fourmile Creek Watershed, said “I am proud of the work that is taking place on Fourmile Creek. The Watershed Authority has 100% participation from all eligible jurisdictions and I hope that this serves as a model for other watersheds and sets the precedent for improving water quality across the state.”

Snyder & Associates coordinated the formation of the FCWMA, which includes 100 percent of the jurisdictions eligible for the FCWMA.

The FCWMA received a Watershed Planning Grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Economic Development Authority to develop a Watershed Management Plan and retained Snyder & Associates to develop the plan.

Snyder led each meeting and involved a diversified team of stakeholders and technical experts to assist throughout the planning and development of the plan. The plan outlines the FCWMA’s goals and the accompanying recommendations and strategies for implementation. The plan will strengthen the partnership between rural and urban residents and help provide improvements to the surrounding communities.

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