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Easter Lake has been identified as a restoration priority due to diminished water quality and is considered impaired by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Since it was created in 1967, Easter Lake has significantly reduced in volume and surface area as a result of siltation, which is the process of water runoff carrying sediment into and filling the lake. Our team at Snyder & Associates is responsible for several projects in and around the lake including dredging of the lake.

In the current phase, hydraulic dredging will remove sediment from the lake bottom, which will increase lake depth and storage volume, help restore the marine habitat, remove nutrients carried by sediment, and create less chance for shoreline erosion. The dredging will also provide recreational benefits for the public by improving overall water quality. Dredging equipment floats on the water and excavates material by pumping it through a temporary pipeline to an offsite location. This dredge acts like a floating vacuum cleaner that efficiently removes sediment. This method results in minimal disturbance due to the limited amount of trips in and out of the lake.

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