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County engineers and staff from across Iowa, along with consultants and material/equipment vendors, are gearing up for the 70th annual Iowa County Engineers Conference taking place December 6-8, 2016. The focus of the event is to provide county engineering staff with key information for the design, construction, and operation of transportation systems. In addition, the event serves as a networking opportunity for county staff, industry consultants, and vendors.

Expected highlights of this year’s conference include presentations and discussion regarding:

  • Concrete and asphalt pavement innovations
  • Cement modified soil design and construction
  • Sustainable pavements
  • Stringless paving
  • Gravel road and shoulder stabilization
  • Iowa DOT updates
  • An update on the Fair Labor Standards Act and new Final Rule
  • Keynote speech by Jerome Mayne entitled “Fraud and Consequences — Making the Right Decisions when the Right Decisions Aren’t Easy”

Jerod Gross, PE, Brenna Fall, PE, Nate Carhoff, PE, Dave Sturm, PE, and Michael Geier, PL., will be among those in attendance on behalf of Snyder & Associates, Inc.

With more than 30 years of industry experience, Geier will provide insight into the new Iowa Code Section 355.6A – Monument Preservation Certificate during a presentation at 2:30 pm on Wednesday. Prior to the adoption of this section, the Iowa Code did not address the preservation of existing monuments marking property corners that would be destroyed as part of construction projects. The new code section serves as a mechanism to identify, describe, and replace existing monuments without surveying complete boundaries or parcels of land.

In addition to the presentation, Snyder & Associates will have an exhibitor booth at the event.

“I look forward to discussing opportunities to improve pavement conditions within the county road system,” shares Gross, while reflecting upon the upcoming conference.

Three key areas of interest that Gross is prepared to speak with county engineers and staff about are:

  • Automated Distress Collection – Data collected through the use of a vehicle with an onboard computer regarding road conditions such as cracks, potholes, and rutting. From the creation of simple pavement condition maps to the development of pavement management or capital improvement plans, Snyder & Associates is able to guide clients with data analysis and utilization.
  • Pavement Preservation — Based on extensive knowledge of pavement distress and behaviors, Snyder & Associates is able to recommend the best solution to correct various distress types, enhance pavement performance, and extend pavement life.
  • Asset Management using GIS — Tracking infrastructure assets can be a challenge and the data that’s available is important to guide replacement decisions and justify or explain funding needs. Through the use of GIS, Snyder & Associates is able to assist county engineers and staff on the successful implementation and use of a user-friendly, cloud-based asset management system.

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