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The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Iowa recently recognized the City of Jefferson, IA and their partners, Snyder & Associates, Inc. and Shuck-Britson, Inc., for constructing a new Iowa Highway 4 overpass at a former Union Pacific Railroad crossing. This project earned a Grand Place Award in the transportation category.

“The City of Jefferson is pleased with the positive reaction the new overpass has received from our citizens,” remarks Mike Palmer, City Administrator for the City of Jefferson. “It provides a safe crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad dual track spine line for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. With 70 trains a day passing through Jefferson, motorists experienced extensive delays waiting to cross at one of the many at-grade crossings.”

The 8-span, 1100-foot long bridge over the railroad and McKinley Street significantly reduced vehicle crashes and tragic fatalities and now provides uninterrupted emergency access to the community. Deep bridge foundations were designed to minimize damaging vibrations to an adjacent property on the National Register of Historic places during construction. The project also involved the construction of an access road system and detour route improvements in 2011. Iowa 4 and the bridge were completed in 2012.

Snyder & Associates, Inc. was the lead design consultant on the project and Shuck Britson, Inc., a division of Snyder & Associates, provided structural bridge design.

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